Magnetic Sticker

As a guide, it is aim to create more interesting and healthier way for baby’s growth.
Reward kids when they show good behaviors with toys, gift and other awards they want to encourage them to perform better.
Facial expressions magnets (with behavior chart)
Mark the performance of kids every day with these lovely magnets. They can be taken and moved easily, just replace the different
magnets according to babies’ task response, and every single day is no longer a boring one.

when the Christmas is coming, the babies can get gift from Christmas Father according to the stars quantity.


Product name
Good behavior Kids Reward Stickers        Magnetic Reward Chart
Magnetic powder, EVA, printing paper, PET film
We offer a variety of options. / Customized.
OEM / We provide free charge design service.
REACH test can past/ SGS /EN71
HS code



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